How to use DaliART Stamps

How to use your DaliART stamp:

  1. Carefully remove the clear stamp from the backing sheet.
  2. Stick the clear stamp to an acrylic block big enough to hold the entire stamp.
  3. Dab the ink over the front side of the stamp.
  4. Check that the ink has transferred to the stamp.
  5. Hold the acrylic block, the image side toward the paper, and then stamp in the desired position. Try not to wiggle or tilt the stamp as you press down firmly.
  6. Carefully lift the stamp up, holding the paper with one hand so the stamp releases the paper.

How to care for your stamps:

  1. Always clean your stamp with soap and water, a dedicated stamp cleaner or a lanolin free wipe.
  2. Avoid using solvent cleaners.
  3. Dry and store away from direct sunlight and avoid excessive temperatures.

DaliART Tip: Make sure you stamp on a flat surface!

Let’s create and play with DaliART.

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