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It's rather annoying when you buy something online in the UK and then someone points out a European website where the same product is available for less! We have a network of folks that keep an eye on such things and have recently been advised that some of the new Pentart products are available and for less money on foreign websites. With that in mind I decided to put things to the test. 

Fn-deco is one of those websites that is highly competitive and it also advertises Pentart products, they are based in Hungary so it's no great surprise that things are cheaper (a beer in Budapest is less than £2 compared to £4 here)..

If you look at Expand Paste for example the website will tell you that the product is available now and that shipping is just a few Euros. The reality is that once you log in and order you will get the following.

You can see that shipping has shot up to €11.34 using a parcel service. The actual shipping date on my receipt says 'soon' which is a little vague and what might be expected of a product in high demand.

So, the upshot is that yes you CAN order cheaper products in Europe but you will have to pay a lot for shipping and you still won't get a delivery date. I will update this post when the product arrives.

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