DaliART- Henna Flower Stamps and Matching Die - DaliART

DaliART- Henna Flower Stamps and Matching Die

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DaliART Flowers high quality clear stamp and matching die work well together to create beautiful flowers. Design that you can add to your cards, gift wraps, decorations, and other creative ideas. High clarity, transparent stamp allows for easy inking and positioning of stamped image.

Being tear resistant, the stamp is tough and can be stretched and will relax back to their original shape. It has an excellent back adhesion, allowing repositioning many times on an acrylic block.

The Henna Flower Stamp and matching die work together and create beautiful flowers. Work excellently with all water-based or solvent based inks. You will require an acrylic block with this stamp, which is not included.

  • Naturally sticky back (Storage on plastic keeps the stamp back sticky)
  • Compatable with all water-based and solvent inks (please note solvent inks will stain stamps)
  • Do not store in sunlight, as prolonged exposure to UV will weaken the stamp
  • Acid free and non toxic