Environmental issues and what we do to have minimal impact

DaliART Market has from day one been conscious of the impact a business can have on the environment. It's great supplying things people want and seeing them enjoying their makes but we have to consider where the products come from, how they get to us, what we do with them, how our UK business runs and how we get things to customers in a manner that is both acceptable, fast and environmentally as friendly as possible.

We continue to lobby our suppliers to reduce the amount of plastic wrapping they use on products, particularly A4 and 50 x 50 rice papers which come in their own plastic bag and then a 'bulk' plastic bag for every 6 or 12 depending on the size. The 'bulk' wrappers are usually reused as wrapping for products that go out to customers but many end up in the bin and we'd like to change that. 

On a positive note the things we have changed or put in place are as follows:

1. We reuse all packing that we receive that is reusable. That may sometimes include plastic or even polystyrene but we think giving it one more use before landfill is better than just putting it in the bin.

2. We have installed low-energy LED lighting in our workshop which is not only better but uses less electricity.

3. We have a contract with a toilet paper supplier that uses bamboo rather than paper and no, it isn't uncomfortable at all but Bamboo is highly sustainable compared to paper products.

4. We only use FSC certified boxes and bags and we packfill those with Corn Starch Chips rather than polystyrene. Those chips could actually be eaten but we wouldn't recommend it!

5. We use Hermes a lot and whilst they make mistakes occasionally we like their objectives regarding fuel, carbon, carbon miles and efficiency. You can read more here: https://postandparcel.info/48447/news/hermes-uk-cuts-its-carbon-emissions-a-further-6/

6. We are always investigating ways to be better. Our mission is to provide high quality products at affordable prices with excellent customer service and advice. There are many things to examine in any business. We welcome feedback and comments.

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