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DaliART - Timeless Vintage Canvas Kit

  • £54.95

DaliART - Timeless Vintage Canvas Kit is a great introduction into mixed media. The kit has been designed to give you all the ingredients to make a beautiful mixed media piece of art.

The kit includes:

• 1 x 30cm x 23cm Canvas
• 1 x A6 Time is Precious Stamp Set
• 1 x Timeless Vintage Paper Booket - 23 design pages 
• 1 x 5” x 5” Circle Chain Mylar Stencil
• 1 x A4 Stamperia Rice Paper
• 1 x Pentart Media Mist Spray 50ml - Ocean Blue
• 1 x Pentart Media/Fabric Mist Spray 50ml - Turquoise Green 
• 1 x Pentart Crackle Paste Primer 100ml
• 1 x Pentart Crackle Paste 100ml
• 1 x Pentart Decoupage Varnish & Glue 50ml
• 1 x Pentart Delicate Metallic Acrylic Paints 50ml - Silver
• 1 x Pentart Glamour Metallic Acrylic Paints 50ml - Antique Gold

Timeless Vintage Canvas Kit ONLY £54.95 (separate RRP £67.75) - superb value for money!


PLUS - Direct email access to Dali with any questions regarding this collection on how to use the products included with every purchase.

NOTE: The products within this kit will make many projects than just this one. And the colours may vary slightly.



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