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D'Arts elastic wood decor Baby - 179

D'Arts elastic wood decor Baby - 179

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D.art elastic wood is a Greek company that has been working for 30 years with clay and pottery. After a two-year research we deal also with the pulp of wood.

D.art is a purely Greek company composed by a group of experienced craftsmen, which aims the placement of highly aesthetic and quality products in the domestic market but also abroad at low cost.

All products are made of wood pulp, product based on sawdust that when mixed with other components, it becomes a paste. Initially, it is placed in metal forming molds and pressed in thermal press. After 48 hours, it is de-molded resulting in a sturdy object, which is treated as wood. You can paint it, sand it, make holes in it, just as you would with real wood. The biggest advantage of D.art elastic wood versus plain wood, however, is that WHEN WE APPLY WARM AIR with a hairdryer, it becomes FLEXIBLE, thus it can be mounted on curved surfaces and more, such as bottles, furniture, door trims, around MDF etc.


Baby 4cm X 5cm


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