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Decor Concrete set light 250 ml - DaliART

Decor Concrete set light 250 ml

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Concrete-style objects can be made in a few minutes with this two-component system. For imitating rough, rustic surfaces use the coarse, for reaching  smoother surface choose the fine decor beton powder. Light, hanging objects can be created from the light powder. To determine the required amount of powder pour it into the mold, put the powder in a mixing bowl and add enough reagent to obtain a dough of wet sand consistency. Push the mixture into the mold making sure to fill it completely. Dump the shape on a fireproof / microwaveable surface and for drying put it into a microwave oven for 2-5  minutes on 700 W. The dry object will get waterproof after baking in an oven at 200 C° for 5 minutes. It can be painted, coloured with Pentart pigment pastes or decorated with Pentart effect materials.

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