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Fabrika Decoru Decoupage Paper "Spring"- 297x420cm- FDCDA3-000572

Fabrika Decoru Decoupage Paper "Spring"- 297x420cm- FDCDA3-000572

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Decoupage paper with single-sided matte printing, used to create decoupage decor on hard surfaces. Decoupage paper can be glued on both a dark and a light base, they practically do not tear and do not stretch.

 Application: cut the selected motif along the contour, evenly apply glue on its reverse side, as well as on the surface of the decorated object. Glue the piece and gently smooth. Cover the dried surface with a finish or decorative varnish to protect against moisture.

Size: 29.7 x 42 cm

Density: 55 g / m2;

Producer:  "Factory Decor", Ukraine


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